Salient Features of PLI




  • Payment guaranteed by Government of Pakistan. 
  • Lowest premium rates. • Highest rate of bonus. 
  • Easy transfer to any place in Pakistan free of cost. 
  • Open to all. • Rebate on advance payment of premia. 
  • Revival of lapsed policies on easy terms. 
  • Premium payable on monthly basis and only up to the month of claim. 
  • Loan on policies. • Payment of premia through salary bill deduction. 
  • All policies including paid up participate in profits. 
  • Liberal surrender value of PLI policies. 
  • Income Tax Rebate. • Options for Loan, Assignment, Surrender, Conversion and Paid Up Value. 
  • Repayment of Loan is optional. If principal amount is paid then no further interest payable. 
  • Pass book facility for payment of premia & other payments like loan, interest through any Post Office in the country free of cost. 
  • Facility for payment of Premia monthly, half yearly and annually on any working date of the month for which it is due. 
  • Changing of Nomination of facility at any time. 
  • Payment of policy amount through any Post Office, anywhere in Pakistan.
  • Centralized accounting for quick and easy settlement of claims through fully computerized office management.